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2019 Rehearsal information can be found here.


  • Scores can be purchased at any practice (subject to availability) or online at
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     ♫ Note: The Sarasota Choral Society uses the Schirmer’s Edition of the score.

  • You can also view the score online, or download an eBook version from

Choruses to bookmark in your score*:

  •  No. 4: “And the Glory of the Lord”  (page 16)
  •  No. 7: “And He Shall Purify” (page 36)
  • No. 9: “Oh Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion” (page 54)
    ♪  The chorus begins at Letter H, which follows “Air for Alto” (sung by our Alto soloist)
  • No. 12: “For Unto Us a Child is Born” (page 66)
  • No. 17: “Glory To God In The-Highest” (page 82)
  • No. 33: “Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates” (page 144)
  • No. 35: “Let All The Angels Of God Worship Him” (page 153)
  • No. 44: “Hallelujah!” Chorus (page 193)
* This list is subject to change upon the Artistic Director’s discretion – All page numbers given are from the Schirmer’s edition 

Pronunciation Key:

Have you noticed there are certain words which are pronounced differently while singing than they are in our everyday conversation?
Here’s a key  for some of the important ones within the Messiah music!

  • Glory: Glohdee or flip the “r”
  • Lord: Lawd
  • Together: togethuh
  • Purify: flipped “r”
  • Offer: offuh
  • For: foh
  • Born: bohn
  • Government: govuhnment
  • Shoulder: showlduh
  • Wonderful: wunduhful
  • Counselor: cownseluh
  • Everlasting: evuhlasting
  • Father: fathuh
  • Earth: uth
  • Towards: towuhds
  • Burden: buhden
  • Your: yoh
  • Worship: wuhship

Practice Tracks:

Are you feeling overwhelmed or like you could use a little help mastering crazy selections like “His Yoke is Easy & His Burden is Light” (which even the most seasoned singers agree is a deceiving name!)??  Many members – esp those without access to a musical instrument – find practice tracks to be a great tool in finally conquering those more difficult sections of music!  If you too think you could benefit from the use of aural aids… check out these FREE audio practice MP3 files, offered by

    To play the track you wish to hear, simply click on your part.  The music should start playing automatically.


If you prefer, try or for alternative versions of these practice files.

Additionally, practice CDs can be purchased at:

Happy Practicing!!